Our Recommended Top 10 Restaurants To Visit In London

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London is a large and exciting city, home to nearly nine million people and swelled by tourist numbers throughout the year. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of great places for them to dine, thanks to a wealth of brilliant restaurants, diners, and bistros. In fact, with so many restaurants to choose from, selecting the perfect place to eat can seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry, just take a look at the Bistro K list of the top 10 restaurants to visit in London, there’s something to suit every budget:

  • 10 Flat Iron

Flat Iron is a restaurant that’s small but beautifully formed. Hidden away on Beak Street it’s perfectly located next to London attractions such as the London Palladium and the bright lights of the West End. This restaurant does one thing and one thing only: steak. It also does them better than any other restaurant in the city, and serves them with incredibly tasty fries. The steaks, made from Flat Iron cattle, are served on a wooden board with a mini cleaver instead of a steak knife. Pre-booking isn’t allowed, and it’s incredibly popular but you can leave a number and they’ll text you when your table is ready.


  • 9 Baltic

There’s a wonderful Eastern European influence in London today, and there’s no better place to experience it than at Baltic, near Waterloo Station. They’ve quickly built up a fantastic reputation for two things: Polish cuisine and vodka. It’s an excellent combination, and a fun place to have a group dining experience. The menus are meat heavy, so it’s not ideal if you’re a vegetarian, but there are plentiful helpings of delicious sauerkraut to add zing to the pickled herring and black sausage.



Our Favourite English Cuisine Recipes

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You don’t have to visit one of London’s top restaurants to get a taste of fine English cuisine. By following these simple recipes, you can make a classic dish of your very own. London has been undergoing a gastronomic revolution in recent years, and yet it’s still hard to beat these three all time great recipes if you want to get the real taste of London food.

Fish And Chips


  • Vegetable Oil for frying (or use beef dripping for a truly traditional touch)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 225g Cod or Haddock fillets
  • 225g Flour
  • Half a pint of beer
  • 900g Potatoes


Nothing says England more than fish and chips, they’re easy to cook but it takes some thought and effort to cook them perfectly. Peel your potatoes and cut them into long chip shapes. The secret now is to parboil the potatoes for around ten minutes. This ensures that the middle will be fluffy while the outside is crispy. (more…)


London Attractions You’ve Never Heard Of

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When visiting London there are certain places that you just have to see: the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square. London is lucky enough to have high quality attractions that are famous the world over, but sometimes it’s even more fun to find an undiscovered gem. Here are just some of the many London attractions you may never have heard of, but you’ll just love to visit.

The Attendant

Have you ever fancied having a delicious cup of coffee while chatting to your neighbour in a urinal? It’s a lot more appealing than it sounds thanks to The Attendant. In the heart of Fitzrovia, an area bursting with literary history, this building used to be a Victorain gent’s toilet. Don’t worry, it’s been thoroughly cleaned and lovingly restored and is now a beautiful cafe based upon a lavatory theme. You’ll feel flushed with happiness when you experience it.

The Hunterian Museum

The Hunterian Museum, based at the Royal College of Surgeons is fascinating, if not for the squeamish. It’s one of London’s hidden treasures, containing items of surgical interest from the seventeenth century onwards. You’ll find body parts preserved in glass jars, centuries old surgical instruments, and even the skeleton of Charles Byrne, known as the ‘Irish Giant’. There are also displays relating the stories of surgery down the ages, you certainly needed to grit your teeth in the days before anaesthetics were discovered. (more…)

Places Where You Can Enjoy a BBQ Party in London?

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grilled-meats-565225_1920Whether you are searching for a place to relax and stay away from your hectic life or a perfect place to hang out with your friends or family, you won’t run out of options. London has lots of open spaces waiting to be explored. And what better way to enjoy these open spaces than with barbecue!

Here are some parks where you can bring your barbecue grill:

Highbury Fields

On hot evenings, you’d probably find the tree-lined Highbury fields teeming with people; but it’s also an equally great place to enjoy during the day. For this park, you have to bring barbecues that are lifted off the ground to avoid burning the grass and one that uses a kettle-style barbecue to lessen the smoke problem. Learn more about different types of barbecue grills and smokers – try this site. There’s also a nearby pub in case your barbecue party continues till dusk.

London Fields

Who wouldn’t love this park? The neatly cut grass and the towering trees that offer much-needed shade make this open space a place to see. When taking your barbecue, make sure you are within the designated BBQ zone. Also, only metal stands for disposable barbecues are allowed and no barbecues after 9 in the evening. For safety purposes, no sports are allowed within barbecue.

Beddington Park

Quite far from the city, but if you are close by, this park has barbecue areas. The BBQ zone is close to the loos, café and children’s play area so you can conveniently get there if you want to. You can borrow barbecue stands and there are a lot of trees that offer shade for park visitors.

Caledonian Park

If you want solitude (probably an alone time with barbecue), the Caledonian Park offers a secluded area where you can sizzle your favorite BBQ recipe. This expansive, 18-acre park also covers woodland areas, a trail perfect for walking, and a community garden. This open space can be found at the Market Road.

Gillespie Park

Gillespie Park is relatively small but is packed with beauty of nature. It has meadow grasses, woodland and ponds. The park also comes with wildlife. Once you’re done feasting on sumptuous barbecue recipes, you can shed off the excess calories by heading a little away and venturing into the nature reserves. There’s a lot to explore and enjoy in this wonderful park.

There are still many other parks where you can host a BBQ party for your friends and family such as the Lincoln’s Inn Fields and the Burgess Park.

So what are you waiting for? Garb your favorite food and drinks. Take your barbecue and head out to any of these parks that allow barbecuing. If you don’t own a barbecue grill yet, Backyard BBQ Guru is a site you should visit. The site has some nice reviews about different grills and smokers.

Oh, please don’t forget: Not all parks allow barbecue, make sure to check with the park administrators before you bring your BBQ. We don’t want to spoil your sunny day!

An Epic Restaurant Brawl

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By now you know that there are hundreds of restaurants across the city of London, catering for most acquired tastes and inspired by the most famous dishes and flavors from around the world. London is not only famous for its rich variety of restaurants but also stereotypically renowned for its hundreds of pubs serving house ales and catering for today’s discerning thirst for craft beers. Today, the city is better and more aptly known for its cultural diversity.

London prides itself on the fact that migrants spanning generations and from a host of nations formerly held dear by Her Majesty, the Queen of the British Empire, have made it their permanent home.

An old stereotype

An epic restaurant brawlWhere pubs are concerned, the stereotype remains unfortunate, even to this day. Let us explain briefly. For centuries, the London town pub has been associated with the rowdy working classes who, poor as they were, spent most of their weekly wages on their favorite pint of bitters, and then spent the next few hours drowning their sorrows in their favorite corner. Invariably, in crowded establishments such as these, tempers would flare and a fight would break out.

Those on the losing side may have wished they had the use of their mates’ old worn-in and comfortable pair of sparring gloves to back out of their tight corners. Today, these scenes are dusted off and replayed only in novels and feature films. Now, this is an incident that really did happen in a busy restaurant and in front of loyal patrons to boot. For good reason, no names are mentioned here. One late night, a tired and disgruntled waitress, down on her luck and charm decided to take it out on the head chef, no less.

Hard times well worth experiencing?

Now this Scottish lass complained bitterly that she was getting paid far too little in wages and tips. She barely had enough to live on and still had to find another cheaper flat for her and her young, school-going daughter to live in. This much is true, if you are thinking of moving here, whether to work for a year or two on a worker’s visa, or settle permanently, greater London, in general, is fairly pricey.

The chef, on the other hand, calmly retorted that he was currently doing three jobs for the price of one, mainly because his assistant chefs conveniently decided to call in sick at the restaurant’s busiest time of the month. This much is true too; London restaurants are busy at the best of times, so it is always advisable to make bookings well ahead of time. In lieu of the chef’s long list of responsibilities, he succinctly argued that he was the poorer paid of the two.

One of the safest places to live and work in

The funny thing about this argument is, while bewildered guests were watching the animated and expressive movements of these two sterling workers, the argument was actually played out across social media. Generally speaking, Londoners, servants and visitors alike, get on with each other rather well. Because it’s a crowded city, there are going to be heated moments, but bear this in mind too; London is one of the safest places to live and work in.

The romantic allure of London

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The romantic allure of LondonAfter spending just a few days and nights with us, your inventory of ideas on things to do and places to see the next time you visit London should be bursting at the seams. If you are planning to visit one of the world’s oldest and largest cities in the next few months for the very first time, you’ve found us at the most opportune time. So, put your glasses on and start reading some of our posts. Go to our archives and pick out anything that may be of interest to you.

Many of you who are first-time travelers are madly in love.

Forget Paris

The romantic allure of LondonBecause it’s one of the world’s most popular destinations for newly-wed honeymooners from around the world, London remains a romantic attraction. Older couples who have returned for a second honeymoon will attest to this. Broadminded folks, on the other hand, remain attracted to the city’s cultural diversity. This is a trait that we are particularly proud of. Read some of our earlier posts on our restaurant and pub recommendations and you will see how much we delight in the variety of choices that we share.

Still gaily holding hands across the table, oblivious to those who may be watching, loving couples, young or old, will always have at least one restaurant and an accompanying night out on their itinerary. As our lists have shown, it does not even need to be expensive, particularly if you are impacted by rates of exchange in your country. We almost forgot to tell you to forget about Paris for once this time. We are still not entirely sure why Paris is regarded as the epicenter of enduring love. You will never forget Londoners who are by far the friendlier citizens of the two cities.

A tale of one city

Book lovers may be thinking of one of the greatest classics of all time; A Tale of Two Cities. Apart from taking the literary tour, as suggested in an earlier post, they are spoilt for choice because London is quite literally an emporium for sourcing thousands of books from hundreds of bookshops, second-hand in particular, from across the city. Music lovers will be heading off to a West End club or a recommended theme pub. We particularly recommend that you take a stroll through Covent Garden one afternoon.

Here, you are most certainly going to encounter musicians blowing well-worn brass-coated horns, strumming a classical guitar or plucking the delicate strings of a fiddle. Being romantic at heart also means you are allowed to fantasize, but by visiting one of the world’s most famous arts and crafts, food, clothing and all other odds and sods markets in the world, you can pretend to be the real deal.

Notting Hill

You could be Julia Roberts picking out a few fresh fruits for dessert later on, or you could be her shy, bookish beau testing a second-hand beginner’s trumpet for his trashy roommate. Or better still, you should just be yourself visiting Notting Hill, amongst other places.

Beach Bistros

Beach Bistros

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What could be more representative of an iconic resort beach than a number of small restaurants, or bistros, lining the length of the shore? You see this a lot in some of the most popular tourist spots near the ocean, and these smallish places tend to serve all types of fish as well as whatever flavors might be found among the local fare. But this easy access to delicious food at the beach can actually be a bad thing if you don’t remember that nasty link between eating and swimming. That is, after eating, you shouldn’t go swimming for about 45 minutes, maybe as long as an hour.

This is because when a person eats, they are taking their body from a point of action to a point of rest. Digestion actually gets dozens of muscles in and around the body’s care active in breaking down the food being eaten. If, while you’re sitting around and digesting, you should happen to get suddenly physically active, that poses a good opportunity for you to endure some painful cramping and spasms. This is bad enough with solid land under your feet, but if you happen to be in deep water when your body starts hurting bad enough that you don’t want to move, well – you can see where this is going.

This isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with beach bistros. After working up an appetite playing volleyball or lounging around and soaking up some sun, it’s pretty nice to have fresh food within walking distance. Who wants to interrupt their day out for a couple hours just to get off the beach, go find something to eat and then come back? Nobody really, which is one of the reasons those little beach restaurants are so popular in tourist spots around the world. There are even restaurants with attached pools which cater to those who want to swim and eat. Learn more about pools at Pool Heater World.

Beach BistroUnfortunately, the temperature of the water has little to do with the way it affects your body. Working all those different muscles in your core while trying to digest food is just a bad idea, regardless of whether the water is hot, cold or somewhere in between. It would be a terrible irony to cramp up and end up sleeping with the fish after eating a bunch of them at your favorite beach  bistro, so do take care when combining food with swimming; as in try not to combine the two at all if possible.

Since swimming is quite different from just sitting around in a hot tub, you don’t necessarily need to create this imaginary border between eating and enjoying the water. It’s the movement, the actual swimming, which leads to the cramping. Food and drinks are nothing to worry about if you’re just sitting back and at a state of rest. With that in mind, if you absolutely must mix your food with time in the water, at least let it be in a hot tub, Jacuzzi or other stationary spot. You can find out more here about these.

The Cook’s Most Important Tool

The Cook’s Most Important Tool

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Cooking, like any other trade, comes with a set of tools that help the cook get the job done. There are pots and pans for heating foods and sauces, large spoons for stirring stuff while it simmers, blenders and mixers for combining ingredients and all manner of cups and spoons for measuring quantities. With so many different tools, many of them being very useful, it can be easy to forget the cook’s most important tool. That happens to be the hands being used to prepare the food. It may come as a surprise to some, but freshly prepared foods are handled many times before they leave the kitchen on their plate.

A cook’s hands will interact with food being cooked more than any other part of the cook’s body. This means that any open wounds like cuts, or scabs which are healing over old cuts, can become a nuisance for a cook kneading some bread dough, for instance. Such skin-on-food interactions can be avoided by wearing gloves, which is something to look for on the hands of kitchen staff at restaurants if the opportunity presents itself. But that doesn’t stop all unwanted contamination from happening. People wipe their faces, or cup a hand over their mouth when they sneeze, just to name two examples.

How does this relate to you? Well, if you cook much of your own food or the food that your family eats, there is something for you to take away from this. Using gloves can stop a lot of contamination from your hands touching the food as you handle, prepare and ultimately cook it. But not everyone wears gloves when they cook – maybe they don’t want to, or they’re allergic. In this case, you have to make sure your hands are as clean as possible. A portable microdermabrasion machine can help scrub off dead skin and let you put use the cleanest possible hands in your kitchen.

Making sure your nails are filed and trim will prevent them from cracking or chipping while cooking, and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to discover a bit of fingernail in your food before, you know how gross and disgusting it is for the people eating food you’ve prepared for them. It’s not just in a restaurant setting either; your children and spouse don’t want to eat your nails, that’s pretty much a guarantee. So taking care of the hands as well as the nails is important. Camila’s Beauty can help you to do that.

There are other alternatives besides specialized machines too. If you’re allergic to latex, there are hypoallergenic gloves, as well as gloves made from different materials which might react better with your skin. Using as many tools as possible to limit the amount of interaction between your hands and the food you’re preparing is another way to avoid any issues. As the most important tool in the cook’s arsenal though, the hands shouldn’t just be ignored if it’s at all possible. Keeping them fit and clean will help you avoid some uncomfortable moments at the dinner table.

Best Sports Museums in London

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When you walk around London it is easy to get lost! But it is interesting when you think what you can find lurking the streets of London. But to see something really interesting in London you should go to museums. The city is full of them! London has some of the biggest and the best museums in the world. Also, it has some of the best sports museums in the world! Many come to London just to visit sports museums. It’s no wonder since they’re not ordinary, boring museums but really amazing ones!

The whole idea of a museum is to teach you some things you didn’t know already. And when it comes to sports, people usually become excited just like children. So those kinds of museums are not just interesting in a way that they offer knowledge on history, but you can also have fun in them. Most of them are high-tech so they offer you holograms, interactive games and much more.

The sports industry is a big one and it has enough money to invest into museums that glorify sports. Sports have an important role in history and in human life. If you’re a sports fan and if you’re in London, take a little time and come to visit some of those museums. Who knows, maybe you’ll get mesmerized by their uniqueness. Although London has few museums for people that like sites like BJJ Boot Camp, it does have many interesting ones worth visiting.

  1. Chelsea FC Stadium Tours and Museum

This is one of the newest high-tech museums and it’s also the largest museum in London – when it comes to football that is. 107 years of memorabilia are placed in this museum. If you’re into playing a game or watching a video, this museum can provide you with that opportunity!

  1. Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

If you visit this museum, you will be blessed with a hologram of John McEnroe which explains to the guests what tennis really is about. Do you want to test your reactions? You can do it in a simulation game! You will even get a picture taken while you’re handling a trophy.

  1. World Rugby Museum

Home of English rugby union. Touch-screens and videos are all around the museum to show you the great history of rugby. Something that should definitely be a number one to see in the museum is the Calcutta Cup. The cup is the main reason for the competition between England and Scotland.

  1. Marylebone Cricket Club Museum

The oldest sport museum on the globe is all about cricket. The English love cricket a lot. You can see Ashes Urn and all kinds of cricket exhibits. As a part of the exhibition you can even see a stuffed sparrow. The story about the sparrow is that it was ‘bowled out’ by a player in 1936.

  1. Arsenal Museum

Can you imagine walking through the player’s tunnel or hearing the legendary Charlie George? It’s all possible in this museum. Try to imagine some of the greatest players of all time guiding you throughout the whole museum! You also have the opportunity to see directors’ box and to make a post-match interview.

Best Sports Themed Bars in the London Area

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London! London! London! When it comes to sports London has everything! It has everything that has any sport in it. From stadiums and fans to child fans colored in the colors of their favorite team. London also has something else for which it’s unique – sport themed bars which are visited by thousands every day! They’re the center of every sport fan groups and London is full of them. While some of them are colored in the theme colors of some major team, others are simply known for their tradition. And they are a nice place to hang out. People like to drink beer and talk about sports, and sometimes they even celebrate their birthdays there. That’s the way it is. After a hard day at work people meet at their favorite bar to chill, laugh and watch TV on which, you will never guess it, sports are shown! So let’s see some of those legendary bars, shall we?

  1. Freemasons Arms pub

Well, even those who are not sports lovers would like to enter this pub at least once. Why? Well, because long ago it was the place where football was born. In a way at least! Back in 1863, the fathers of football met at Freemasons and discussed what rules they should make for this game. So, the most popular sport in the world was actually born in this very pub. Today the pub is a tribute to those men who dared to set the rules to football!

  1. The Archers

The Archers is a unique London sport bar. It’s great for people who spend a lot of their time at sites like ARCHERY BOOT CAMP. It is a really small bar with only five tables but it has that traditional touch which is felt from the first moment you enter in it. They don’t offer any food but they do have amazing ale. And if you’re for karaoke, you’re lucky because Archers hosts karaoke nights on Friday.

  1. Rileys Snooker Club

You like to play American pool and try your luck with fruit machines? Then this is the club for you. It has Sky Sports which is well known as one of the best channels for sports. Also they have funny and lovely staff which will make you feel truly welcomed. It’s a great place even for those who don’t drink alcohol since they have a big variety of non-alcoholic drinks.

  1. The Sporting Page

This is a bar for true sport fans. This bar is somewhat magical in a way that everyone who enters it feels at home. Even when 4 of its TV don’t show any important sports event, it’s still filed with a sporty atmosphere. The most important games in history were watched there and a lot of tears were cried when England lost some of its important games! The staff cares about their customers and joke with them. People show how warm they can be there! It is an old bar and people feel a real respect towards it. And if you’re hungry, you can eat some of their best classical dishes and enjoy some of the best ales in the world!

Discover Epping Forest

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The real metropolis has places for different people and their different level of interest. So if you are a nature lover, London will have something to give you. Discover Epping forest.

At less than one-hour drive from London, the door opens you the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge. Hunting has a long tradition in the UK. It used to be kind of entertainment reserved exclusively for the royal family. Part of that royal ambience can be felt in Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge. This place is surrounded by medieval forest and has the power to take you back to the Middle Ages. It’s not the only hunting lodge in the UK. Given that hunting became part of the royal tradition and an activity that is now widespread among the population, there were created several hunting lodges. Their purpose is organizing a hunting-gatherings, lodging and hunting parties.

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge was built in 1543. It is surrounded by the Epping forest, which is a true historical and tourist place and attracts even those who have nothing to do with hunting. To enjoy the studying treasures that can offer this forest, you could use some hunting boots. Yes, even if you only go in hunting of unforgettable moments. And great boots you can find here.

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge will take you back in  the time of the Tudors. This place is open to visitors and has three floors, divided thematically.

  •  On the ground floor, you can go back five centuries in back and peek into the Tudor’s kitchen.
  •   On the second floor, you can learn about medieval fashion and try it out. It is certain that today’s clothes are a lot more comfortable, especially if you hunt or walk in the woods. And you will not find good hunting boots there. However, you will be able to imagine life before 5 centuries.
  • The third floor gives you a look at Epping Forest. And the view is truly amazing.


Epping Forest has  109 artificial lakes that you can visit. There are also places for cyclists, horse riders and hikers – a small oasis where you can escape from the city crowds. It gives you the wild, but also the peaceful environment for those who want to relax in nature. High Beach Visitor Centre allows you to enjoy sightseeing of plants, birds and allows you to spend a great family moment or make a picnic in nature. Also, do not bypass the Warren House, Butler’s Retreat and the Grotto, all the interesting places that are part of the Wanstead Park.

The diversity makes London the world metropolis, starting from the fact that there live people from all over the world, over its rich history and tourist attractions, to many different activities and events that take place in it. The real metropolis is not just crowds, bustle, noise, rush. It provides a gateway to escape from all these things. Epping Forest is one such gateway of London, which can isolate you from your present, and transfer  you to the past for a moment.

London as a place of fashion education

London as a place of fashion education

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Anyone who has visited London may confirm that it has its own unique fashion style. This city can be called the capital of fashion. Fashion in London is shown on the catwalk during London Fashion Week. Organization of one such big fashion event with famous designers is good evidence that London is an important center of fashion. Besides the well-known fashion designers, London Fashion Week provides an opportunity for new designers who stand out with their creativity.

Fashion in London can be found at every turn, not only on the catwalks. London is a big city, whose residents have a different origin, culture and attitude and express them freely in their own way. On the streets of London, you can see the compatible and incompatible combinations full of creativity and enthusiasm, but also a style. However, London is also known as a place where you can acquire high-quality fashion education.

  • London College of Fashion is a leading educational institution in the field of fashion. Students are encouraged to combine their work through design, science, technology, and to think and create new ideas. Thus, this school gives designers who are always looking to the future and dictate new trends with courage.
  • Royal College of Art is a smaller education program that is internationally recognized and which has a good reputation.
  • The University of East London offers education in the field of digital fashion and textile design, as well as of management in fashion.

You already know – fashion is not only in clothes. It is in creating beautiful and unique things in all fields. Unique and beautiful nails are an integral part of fashion and a occupation of nail technician. In addition to the sense of detail, one nail technician must possess a lot of knowledge about the health of the nails, and their proper maintenance. All this knowledge can be acquired in special schools for nail technicians.

London has many inhabitants and, therefore, a huge market for a manicure. The nails are an ornament that grows and must often be changed. Hence, the demand for this service is great and allows expressing of creativity. You do not have to go to prestigious universities to be a good nail technician. There are great online schools for nail technicians, such as these here.

It seems that London is infused with fashion from head to toe. When we’re already talking about the head, then we have to mention the hairstyle as an important fashion accessory. Probably there is no city in the world where you will find so many colorful and unique hairstyles as on the streets of this city. And as it offers a number of universities and colleges for fashion, London offers a number of academies and courses for professional hairdressers and makeup artists.

All in all, when it comes to fashion in London, there are no rules and restrictions. There are millions different ways to highlight your style – from London Fashion Week, through educational centers, to the street. None of them is wrong. In London, only the normal things are boring. It is a city that encourages creativity and that is why it is the center of fashion education.

Unconventional London Places You Might Find Interesting

Unconventional London Places You Might Find Interesting…

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Many people love to visit London. There aren’t many cities that can offer as many places to visit and as much to do as this beautiful capital of the UK. From entertainment and historical monuments to unique landmarks and museums, London will delight the interests and passions of just about any visitor.

Looking beneath the obvious attractions like the bronze statues, grand architecture and expensive retail stores like Harrods, you’ll find a number of unique restaurants, cafes and some of the coolest bars one could ever imagine.

Things To Do And See

There are many thing that you need to do and see during your visit of London, but it will be mentioned just some of the most interesting sightseeing places in this gorgeous city.As an alternative to the usual London guide, on practically every street corner you’ll find numerous interesting attractions that young people of all ages should find interesting to visit. Here are some favorite choices:

Greenwich Village – Located just south of the Thames River, there’s a “diamond in the rough“ where you’ll find the famous clipper ship, Cutty Sark, along with Greenwich University and Park. You can also stop for a view of London’s skyline, probably second only to the famous Primrose Hill. There’s also plenty of room for longboarding and skating if that’s what you’re interested in doing. However, be prepared for a bit of a climb as the walk up to the park can be a bit tiring for some.

Canary Wharf – This is London’s version of New York’s glamorous restaurants and bars. With glass buildings, which are beautifully illuminated at night, it will definitely remind you of a miniature version of The Big Apple. The Canary Wharf estate is considered to be the center of London’s financial power house and is a great place to settle down at a wine bar to eat or drink and check out the mini-mall for some designer gear. One of the most unique spots to visit and enjoy up close and personal is One Canada Square a/k/a the Canary Wharf Tower, which was the tallest building in the country until 2010.

South Bank – By just strolling around South Bank of the River Thames, one can admire its beauty that it offers. There are street performers that work their way to entertain the crowd, both locals and tourists. Then there is also the London Eye, where it is easily spotted even from afar, and the blissful South Bank centre that glows at night. Going further down London’s man-made beach, you will see piles of sand that are wonderfully shaped into different forms. To top it off and ending your stroll memorably, you can catch sight of the skies that turn rosy-coloured as the sun sets at the East side of Hungerford Bridge. This is something one undoubtedly shouldn’t miss.

Clink Prison Museum – If you like history in a spine-chilling way, there are many museums in London which are designed in that manner. You can start at the Clink Prison Museum that begun in the year 1144.  Here, the museum has allowed interested visitors to go about and explore what dark mysteries that lie inside it. Starting from the tools that were used to torment the prisoners, and petrifying stories about how brutal the ill treatment was.

The Old Operating Theatre – Started in the 19th Century was sealed shut for 100 years before reopening it and turning it into a museum. Inside, they still have preserved instruments that are used to surgically remove body parts. As you delve deeper into the historic area, you will be able to witness the place where callous surgeries were done.

Queen Elizabeth Park – The man-made park, right beside the Olympic Stadium is one place to snack on because tons of food stands circle the area. Whether you were there just by luck or sweating yourself out, you can just relax and munch on what catches your eye. In addition, you can also visit other interesting parks in this city such as recreation parks, skate parks, and the others.

Cafes And Restaurants

In London, you can find many cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy tasty dishes and have a good time. I recommend the next ones:

Café 1001 – Step out from the hustle and bustle of the street to a sheltered place replete with DJ, piano and of course the bar. The entire atmosphere of Café 1001 is one of relaxed pleasure taking – you will find many patrons put their feet up while they have their coffee. Well, it certainly is not the Star Bucks all right!

ChinaLife Tea House – Come visit the ChinaLife Tea House with a touch of something more – a Chinese health center with herbal concoctions with enormous medicinal value. For the tea drinker an exquisite range of teas beckons. Of course, alcohol is not served here. The accent here is on health and you can imbibe some of the finest hold and cold drinks having spices, herbs, fruits and milk. The ChinaLife Tea House is a veritable laboratory for the staff who create exotic medicinal preparations.

Benihana – Eating time is fun time for patrons of this Piccadilly Japanese restaurant! The chefs at Benihana are talented cooks, but more than that, they are acrobats and perform wonderful tricks. The tunes keep time with the preparations on the stove. The mere sight of this ninja cooking style makes one grin widely…while chomping down on the sushi and fruits.

Bars & Pubs

Bone Daddies – This joint on Peter Street has people lining up for ramen and for the Rock ‘n’ Roll. People always love something more in both their food and their music. One gets both at Bone Daddies – a good dose of Guns ‘n’ Roses along with Beatles and Doors and good food. One may find good mention of Bone Daddies on Twitter – the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Ramen Bar”.

The Cuban – For those who have a good appetite after spending some time at the bar, The Cuban is the place to spice life. The salsa and the food makes one more than just full – one joins the elite class of the professionals. Well worth a try for those who find themselves in the vicinity of Camden stables market.

NightJar – After seeing the Niagara Falls one must visit the NightJar – the best bar on the planet! Creating unbelievable cocktails with equally enticing relishes and toppings, the chefs transport the patrons into a wonderland of quite and dignified comfort. By visiting the NightJar, you certainly have found a great way to wind up for the night.