Our Recommended Top 10 Restaurants To Visit In London

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London is a large and exciting city, home to nearly nine million people and swelled by tourist numbers throughout the year. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of great places for them to dine, thanks to a wealth of brilliant restaurants, diners, and bistros. In fact, with so many restaurants to choose from, selecting the perfect place to eat can seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry, just take a look at the Bistro K list of the top 10 restaurants to visit in London, there’s something to suit every budget:

  • 10 Flat Iron

Flat Iron is a restaurant that’s small but beautifully formed. Hidden away on Beak Street it’s perfectly located next to London attractions such as the London Palladium and the bright lights of the West End. This restaurant does one thing and one thing only: steak. It also does them better than any other restaurant in the city, and serves them with incredibly tasty fries. The steaks, made from Flat Iron cattle, are served on a wooden board with a mini cleaver instead of a steak knife. Pre-booking isn’t allowed, and it’s incredibly popular but you can leave a number and they’ll text you when your table is ready.


  • 9 Baltic

There’s a wonderful Eastern European influence in London today, and there’s no better place to experience it than at Baltic, near Waterloo Station. They’ve quickly built up a fantastic reputation for two things: Polish cuisine and vodka. It’s an excellent combination, and a fun place to have a group dining experience. The menus are meat heavy, so it’s not ideal if you’re a vegetarian, but there are plentiful helpings of delicious sauerkraut to add zing to the pickled herring and black sausage.



Our Favourite English Cuisine Recipes

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You don’t have to visit one of London’s top restaurants to get a taste of fine English cuisine. By following these simple recipes, you can make a classic dish of your very own. London has been undergoing a gastronomic revolution in recent years, and yet it’s still hard to beat these three all time great recipes if you want to get the real taste of London food.

Fish And Chips


  • Vegetable Oil for frying (or use beef dripping for a truly traditional touch)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 225g Cod or Haddock fillets
  • 225g Flour
  • Half a pint of beer
  • 900g Potatoes


Nothing says England more than fish and chips, they’re easy to cook but it takes some thought and effort to cook them perfectly. Peel your potatoes and cut them into long chip shapes. The secret now is to parboil the potatoes for around ten minutes. This ensures that the middle will be fluffy while the outside is crispy. (more…)


London Attractions You’ve Never Heard Of

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When visiting London there are certain places that you just have to see: the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square. London is lucky enough to have high quality attractions that are famous the world over, but sometimes it’s even more fun to find an undiscovered gem. Here are just some of the many London attractions you may never have heard of, but you’ll just love to visit.

The Attendant

Have you ever fancied having a delicious cup of coffee while chatting to your neighbour in a urinal? It’s a lot more appealing than it sounds thanks to The Attendant. In the heart of Fitzrovia, an area bursting with literary history, this building used to be a Victorain gent’s toilet. Don’t worry, it’s been thoroughly cleaned and lovingly restored and is now a beautiful cafe based upon a lavatory theme. You’ll feel flushed with happiness when you experience it.

The Hunterian Museum

The Hunterian Museum, based at the Royal College of Surgeons is fascinating, if not for the squeamish. It’s one of London’s hidden treasures, containing items of surgical interest from the seventeenth century onwards. You’ll find body parts preserved in glass jars, centuries old surgical instruments, and even the skeleton of Charles Byrne, known as the ‘Irish Giant’. There are also displays relating the stories of surgery down the ages, you certainly needed to grit your teeth in the days before anaesthetics were discovered. (more…)


Taking a Literary Walk Through London

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If you are out sightseeing and have the usual tourist spots in your itinerary, especially around Central London going on foot saves plenty of time. This is because most of the landmarks are situated nearby. For instance, the distance between Leicester Square and Covent Garden takes only about a five minutes’ walk.

London is a highly foot friendly city with special consideration given to boost pedestrian environment.  Some of the steps taken to improve pedestrian traffic include increasing accessibility to the streets and many more facilities for those with restricted mobility and special needs.

You can find many websites online that provide useful information for walkers. Additionally there are several leisure routes all over the capital city, special walking celebrations and information about accessibility of these routes. When you use journey planner apps available online for London walkers, it is easy to map your walks. This facility is also available for travellers who want to use public transport for sightseeing.

But walking is a wonderful way to visit the attractions, whether you are alone or part of a guided tour. A pocket atlas is also sufficient to let you know about the required street maps, so you can easily navigate them. Remember to wear nice comfortable shoes such as those in this website to keep your feet safe and to enjoy the sights without getting tired easily.

And since cars in the UK drive to the left, you need to be careful and look in the right direction for any oncoming traffic, while you are crossing. Moreover, having information on the spots, you want to see and knowing their exact location is always safe, when you are in a major city. Since you get several mobile apps like Google Maps that help you find your way, using them is a best way to keep safe.

Some of the important places to visit, when you are on a literary London walk include:

  • Charles Dickens’ London
  • Bloomsbury and Old Museum Quarter walk
  • Sherlock Holmes walk
  • Shakespeare’s London
  • Oscar Wilde

Of the various literary walks, the Dickens walk is quite famous. You get to see the house in which Dickens lived from 1837 to 1839 at which time he wrote Nicholas Nickleby, Oliver Twist and The Pickwick Papers.  Gray’s Inn is the place where works such as Great Expectations and David Copperfield were written. As you walk to see such places ensure you are not carried away by your enthusiasm and end up tired as the day progresses on. Wearing sturdy PARKOUR SHOES will keep you feeling comfortable and at ease all day long.

Shakespeare’s haunts are another popular tourist attraction that you should not miss, while taking a literary walk through London. Whether it is the literary sites or any other important tourist spot, guided walking tours is the best way to enjoy and experience the real spirit of these places. Such tours are arranged all year round, so you can take on a walking tour whenever you want. Unless you are part of a very large group, it is not necessary to book beforehand.

Redefining Fresh in Produce

Redefining Fresh in Produce

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Have you ever noticed how markets, grocers and stores always claim the foods they are selling are fresh? It seems to be one of those things people call buzz words – words that flip a switch or turn a crank in the mind of the person who reads or hears them. But how much of the food you buy in a month is really fresh? Besides that, how much fresher might it be if you were to grow some of your own? Lots of cooks like to keep a little herb garden in a kitchen window for fresh flavors as needed, but taking things a step further and growing your own produce can make a big difference.

For some people, this is unfortunately not a practical option. Either they don’t have the free land to work with for planting such fruits and vegetables, or they just haven’t got the knowledge and experience with growing food to expect a decent crop. On the other side of things, both of these issues are relatively easy to defeat and should in no way hinder a person from growing their own food. A lack of experience can be beaten with some research, knowledgeable reviews and the use of things like fertilizers and growing guides to get improved yields.

As for the space to grow things, many people have this without even realizing it. If you don’t have a flat patch of land to work with, then what’s stopping you from growing the same foods using containers? Buckets, basins and bowls can be filled with dirt, punctured on the bottom to let out excess water, and used to grow just about anything in a pinch. Only foods which take up a lot of room will take issue with this, so potatoes and cabbage are probably out of the question, just to name a couple. With containers, you can even bring your garden inside and give it an extra boost with lights from Plantazoid.

Honestly, what could be fresher than tomato sauce made with tomatoes you just plucked from the vine an hour ago? Or peppers picked from a bush or vine just as recently? It’s amazing what people will label and sell as fresh, but what’s more amazing is how many people will buy those same things, knowing fully they couldn’t possibly be fresh after shipping hundreds or even thousands of miles to get to the store where they’re being sold. You can learn more here about the tools which can help you to grow more food faster, or grow better food over the same amount of time as it would normally take.

With all the toxic chemicals that go into preserving foods, the plastics which go into lining the insides of tin and steel cans and the artificial colors and flavors which find their way into even foods like farm-raised fish, it’s up to all of us to be more careful about the things we eat if we want to continue eating good quality, healthy food. Growing your own produce is an excellent start.

vintage old cars

3 Things You Need to Check Before Buying A Used Car

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There are plenty of people out there who simply can’t afford buying a brand new car, and almost as many of those who have, at least once in their lifetime, been tricked into paying a lot more than they should have. Since I deal in cars, and know a lot about the real worth of both a brand new and a used vehicle, I’ve decided to make a list of things every person should ask and/or check before buying a used car.

  1. Pop the hood

When it comes to cars, there is nothing as important as the engine. Some of the things you’ll have to check include hoses and belts, fluids, radiator and battery. You’ll need to squeeze the rubber hoses to check for cracked, mushy and rock-hard parts, which are not a good sign, and feel the belts to check for frayed parts.

Regarding fluids, your most important task will be to check if the dipstick has either foamy or grey oil on it. Another bad sign are the water droplets. Both indicate serious engine problems.

The radiator’s coolant should be green or orange, and definitely not rusty or resembling the color of milk.

Regarding the battery, some have indicators that tell you in what kind of shape they are. Usually green means “good shape”, and yellow or black that the battery is either dead or dying.

Checking the “insides” of a car can be tough for people who don’t even know what they’re looking for. Try to follow the advice I’ve already given you, and don’t be afraid to use your common sense – it’s important. I was once in a situation where a guy tried to sell me a car whose engine was being held in place by two pieces of wood.

Although they were connected with a really good framing nailer, I think you can understand why I called it off, even if you didn’t have any special knowledge about the way the engine works. There are people who’ll try to take advantage of you in the most obvious ways, but that’s something you can easily prevent, if you only use your common sense and don’t let yourself be fooled.

  1. Inspect the windows

Although window damage can be considered the least of your problems when it comes to used cars, repairing it can be costly. Even the smallest crack can, in a matter of days, result in the whole piece of glass exploding in your face, and you don’t want something like that to happen, especially while you’re driving.

  1. Check the tires

This is a great way to check if you are being lied to about the mileage. Low mileage means that the car should still have its original tires. If it doesn’t, it is very likely that the odometer has been rolled back. If the outside shoulder of the car’s front tires shows heavier wear than the surrounding parts, it’s safe to assume that the person you’re negotiating with is a fairly aggressive driver, which means that the car is probably in worse shape than it looks.

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Weird And Interesting London Museums

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So, you’re in London and you’ve already done everything you can think of? Or maybe you’re tired of looking at very touristic places and sites and just want a breath of fresh air. Well, we just might have the thing for you! Just take a look at this amazing list of weird and interesting museums in London. Walk off the beaten path and have an interesting story or two to tell your friends back home! Have you ever wanted to look at old cartoons or see an ancient version of these? Now’s your chance!

  1. The Cartoon Museum

If you have a child within that’s just dyeing to get out, or if you’re on your trip with actual children, the Cartoon Museum is a great choice! It has exhibitions featuring some of the finest cartoons in Britain’s history. There are also many events taking place almost every day, so whenever you drop by there’s a good chance that you might stumble upon some interesting happening or another.

  1. The Anaesthesia Museum

This great museum features medical instruments, tools and other pictures and items related to the story of anaesthesia. Dating all the way back to 1774 and spanning more than 240 years of history, this museum will give you a detailed glimpse into how and when anaesthesia developed, what equipment was used when, and how did medical science of this area progress with the passage of time.

  1. London Sewing Machine Museum

This interesting museum features amazing sewing machines dating from as far back as centuries. While today people are best acquainted with machines such as the sergers like this one, old sewing machines looked nothing like that. At the museum, you can see over 600 various samples of sewing machines, and every one is in great condition. Te admissions to the museum is free.

  1. Magic Circle Museum

This museum operated by appointment only, but it’s definitely worth making one. The museum features a myriad of items used in magic shows, and it even houses some amazing memorabilia such as handcuffs which were at one point used by the famous Houdini. Be dazzled at the sight of never-ending handkerchiefs and bunnies jumping out of hats. This museum is definitely a great choice for families with children!

  1. Old Operating Theatre

Have you ever wondered what an operation looked like in the 19th century? Well, here’s your chance to find out! Although not a museum per se, at the top of an old church right here in London sits the only 19th century operating theatre left in the UK. There are shows performed daily, with ‘surgeons’ performing surgery, and you can even volunteer to be the patient! The herb mixtures used add to the atmosphere and the smells can’t be described!

  1. Sherlock Holmes Museum

If you’re a fan of the best detective in the world, the Sherlock Holmes Museum is definitely worth a visit. Of course, it is located in a house on Baker Street. The museum is in the form of an apartment furnished in Sherlock-style and it features many trinkets and an amazing gift shop!


skater rolling down the halfpipe

Best Skateparks In London

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London has some many interesting things to offer the curious visitor. From the numerous well-known sites to the lesser known hidden gems, no one can possibly be bored here. That also goes for skateboarding and longboarding enthusiasts!

If you’re visiting London and want to sharpen your skateboarding skills, or just want a nice venue for interesting photographs or people-watching, there are plenty of cool skate parks scattered around London. From concrete bowls from the 70s full of graffiti to newer and more fancy parks, in London you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Here are our top picks of skate parks in this amazing city:

  1. Southbank skate park

This park was supposed to be torn down recently, but there was a massive campaign against it, which was fortunately successful. This park is often called the beating heart of the skateboarding and longboarding scene in London. It’s a genuinely old school park so if you brought along your favourite skateboard or longboard and want a place to practice your skills, this is the right spot. It is also great for beginners, so you can easily buy your own board and learn the basics here. You can look up some great longboard reviews at this site, buy a board, and there is always someone at the park who would be more than happy to show you the ropes.

  1. House of Vans

This is a completely alternative park located indoors, and it’s popular with the alternative crowd. It spans 5 tunnels under Waterloo Station, and it also has a nice bar, cinema and restaurant, so you can spend your whole day here. It has plenty of skateboarding amenities such as a street area, a lot of bowls and a mini ramp. Although there are some beginners here, the place is more suited to people who already know how to skateboard or longboard, so don’t forget to bring a quality longboard helmet.

  1. Bay Sixty 6

This park was known before by the name of PlayStation Park and it features a lot of ramps, wall rides, quarter pipes, ledges, gaps, and a lot of other interesting stuff. If you’re an enthusiast and want to spend the whole day boarding, this park definitely offers the most opportunities. It is also covered, at least from the upper side, so if you get caught in one of London’s famous rains, you can just carry on skating here!

  1. Victoria Park

It is perhaps not as big as some other items on this list, but Victoria park is definitely one of the most vibrant and popular parks in London. Located in the eastern part of Victoria park (a green park), this stake park is great for people who already have amazing skills which they want to try out in a more extravagant setting. This park has a cradle, two quarter pipes and plenty of grind poles.

There are a lot of skate parks in London, and more and more are popping up every day. It is truly a paradise for skateboarders and longboarders alike!


street food in britain

Best Restaurants For Staying Healthy and Fit

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Lots of people go on vacation to unwind and relax, but today, many also want to stay fit and healthy, even on vacation. Well, London is a great place to practice all the good habits you developed at home. There is no need to only rely on fast food and junk while on vacation, because London boasts some of the very best healthy restaurants in the world. Here are our top choices of restaurants for staying healthy and fit in London.

Tanya’s Café

Located in Chelsea, this lovely restaurant is well-known for its delicious raw food treats. It was thought up and developed by Tanya Maher, a wellness coach and food specialist. The restaurant is very popular with visitors and locals alike because everything you can find on the menu is organic and handpicked, but also contains no gluten or refined sugar. The perfect thing to get you through a rough day!

Gym’s Kitchen

Do you recognize yourself in this: you never miss an opportunity to do some exercise, you own a power rack at home which you carefully selected from a site like garagegympro, you can’t imagine yourself eating a 4-cheese pizza without working it out the next day…? If so, this restaurant is a great choice for you! Gym’s Kitchen is the perfect place for people who want to stay fit at all costs. It is a restaurant which serves protein-based food, which makes it perfect for athletes and especially bodybuilders. The ingredients are fresh and various, and the meals extremely healthy!


Even if you can’t take those nice power racks with you on vacation, that’s no reason to get back from your trip feeling like a pig. The KX gives you the opportunity to eat some great food, and still keep fit. They serve nutritious meals, coupled with refreshing natural beverages. They employ nutritionists who make sure that the food has great dietary value and there is something that suits all tastes and all dietary preferences. Gorge yourself on some yummy treats, or take a protein shake with you on your power-walk around London. If you’re not sure what to order, the friendly staff is always at your service.


This charming restaurant is the top choice of vegetarian Londoners. One of the easiest ways to cut off fat and stay fit and healthy is to get rid of meat in your diet, and this restaurant makes it perfectly clear that you can do that without compromising on the dietary quality or tastiness of your meals. Drop in here for a bite or two and you might just reconsider your whole lifestyle! The dishes here are extremely healthy, as well as colourful and delicious!

The Banana Tree

If you’re intolerant to gluten, or if it’s just your preferred dietary choice, it can sometimes be rough finding a place to eat out – but no in London! The Banana Tree has a pretty wide gluten free menu, but they still manage to keep their dished absolutely delicious. A great choice for eating out!


Top Bars in London

Top Bars in London

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There are many great tourist attractions in London. The tourist attractions that we are talking about here are the glamorous and classy evening dinner spots in London, such as restaurants, bistros, and diners. There are a selection of high quality restaurants, bistros, and diners in London. Here are some of our favourite choices.

  • Flat iron

The Flat Iron is on Beak Street, near London. The Flat Iron is a chic and somewhat rustic restaurant. In some ways, it looks and feels more like a countryside restaurant, rather than a restaurant in the heart of a city. The main theme of the Flat Iron restaurant is a meaty grill theme. So, if you are vegetarian, it is perhaps not the best place for you. But, if you are looking for something different and memorable, something that will make your stay in London both interesting and delicious, it is the perfect place for you.

  • The Baltic

The Baltic bistro lives up to its name – it is an Eastern European themed bistro. The Baltic is more modern than the Flat Iron. It has one of those chic LED light bars like those at on the walls which makes the interior look spacious and bright.

The Baltic is in the heart of the city of London, just near Waterloo Station. Again, this place is also not best suited for vegetarians. However, if you love Eastern European food, then this is the perfect fit for you. It serves up a diverse array of food, which includes black sausage, fish and chips, and a Polish dish called Sauerkkraut. This place is great if you are looking for something different, modern, and hip.

  • The Diner

This American style diner serves up some of the most delicious burgers and shakes you can imagine. Couple that with some yummy chips and you’re good to go! While in the neighbourhood, you could also drop in for one of their famous breakfasts which are served all day long. The charming atmosphere will lure you in, and the amazing food will make sure you keep on coming back!


The menu at the popular Roadhouse is made up of mostly meat – sirloin steaks, chicken breasts, etc. The deluxe challenge meal that you have to try is made up of 2 steaks of 8 oz each, 2 double chicken breasts, bacon, onions, cheese and mushrooms. But wait, you also get some delicious fries with that, along with some onion rings. Oh, and a salad!

Other than being a nice place to grab a bite, the Roadhouse is also great for a night out. It has a nice bar which serves cocktails until late in the night. Watch as the bartenders throw and catch bottles and glasses and entertain you throughout the night. Come in the evening for a nice dinner, and stay for drinks and partying until late in the night, hopping just a few feet away to get a bite to eat if you start feeling peckish.

When It Comes to Pianos, Digital is Tops

When It Comes to Pianos, Digital is Tops

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People come to London from all over the world to study music, and it’s easy to see why. London hosts some of the most prestigious music schools, such as the Royal Academy of Music and the London Centre of Contemporary Music. A lot of these institutions offer courses in a discipline that you’d never have seen on the roster years ago: playing the digital piano.

The near-universal assumption is that acoustic pianos are somehow more classy and authentic. It’s true that those plastic Casio keyboards of the 1990s were a cheap imitation of the genuine article, but the digital piano of today features fully-weighted keys and beautiful, high-quality sounds sampled from the world’s most elegant grand pianos. You can look up some great digital pianos on this page. It also offers significant advantages in comparison to a traditional acoustic piano. Read on!

Always in tune

Acoustic pianos are heavily affected by environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity. These conditions have an influence on the tuning of the strings, so if you want to keep the piano sounding divine instead of damp, you’ll need to spend money on a professional piano tuner. The completely electronic makeup of the digital piano resists such environment-based degradation, so it constantly stays in tune without you having to invest in professional support.

Easy to transport

Digital pianos are lighter and more compact than their acoustic cousins, so it’s easy for two people to carry them from one place to another. If you need to move your acoustic piano, a team of furniture movers are practically mandated unless you’re willing to risk damaging such an expensive item. Cost will likely be so high that you might as well move house in the process.

Easy volume control

Digital pianos allow you to rehearse any time of the day or night without disturbing the neighbours. That would be mission impossible with a regular acoustic piano. Digital models allow you to set the output volume as high or low if you want. They even have headphone jacks for those with less than understanding roommates.

Choose multiple sounds

With a digital piano like those at PianoReport, you’re not limited to traditional piano tunes. There are extra sound delights such as Strings, Organ, and E-Piano, allowing you to significantly expand your musical expression. Higher-end models even let you combine a variety of beautiful sounds with just one click, which is great news for players who love to experiment.

Two-track sequencer

The right tone needs to be accompanied by the perfect tempo. A digital piano lets you keep the correct timing as you play, thanks to a high-functioning digital metronome that can be set to deliver custom beats. You can even record your output, play it back, and accompany yourself! Try doing that with an acoustic piano.

Even a cheap digital piano sounds amazing, is easy to play and maintain, and delivers a versatile sound experience. These advantages, combined with an affordable price tag, makes it an instrument of choice for today’s piano students in London and beyond.

A Golfers Best Friend

A Golfers Best Friend

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If you’re an avid golfer and planning to spend some time enjoying London’s first-class golf courses, a great golf rangefinder will swiftly become your best friend- next to your clubs, of course.

The purpose of a rangefinder is to improve the quality of your game. It measures the distance between you and various other objects out on the tract, helping you make your good shots really count. Other benefits include making you play more quickly and decisively on the golf course and even keeping you motivated by seeing your game improve over time.

There are presently two types of rangefinders on the market: GPS and laser. Below is an overview of both versions and their respective features and benefits.


A Global Positioning System (GPS) unit detects the position of important objects on the golf course and computes the distances between them, while laser rangefinders like those reviewed at RANGEFINDERADVICE assess position and distance by measuring the return time of a beam reflected off an object. Laser models have been on the market for over 20 years, but GPS systems are overtaking them in terms of popularity, primarily because there are now apps that enable smartphones to double as GPS rangefinders.

Features and Benefits

With GPS systems, you need to download a database for the course where you want to play. When you boot it up on site, it locks onto available satellites and provides you with important positioning information. In addition to displaying the distances to certain preselected points, most GPS units supply an aerial view of the hole itself, which is a valuable feature when you’re playing on an unfamiliar course. In terms of size, decent GPS golf rangefinders are smaller than laser devices, which contain complex optics and a source for the laser.

Lasers units measure the distance to any object that will reflect its beam, such as hills, trees, aprons, and even players in another group. They’re easy to use: just point and shoot like you would with a camera. This technology allows you to measure the distance to the pin when someone is preparing to put, and make sure that other groups are safely out of range before you take your swing.  Although not as compact as their GPS counterparts, they can still fit easily in a pocket of your golf bag.

Which to choose

Both GPS and laser golf rangefinders have their advantages and disadvantages. Both have similar accuracy levels. In terms of performance, GPS models do a better job of quick distance measurement and providing a detailed overview of each hole on the course. Lasers are more versatile when it comes to measurements and deliver the best accuracy when it comes to pins.

So which one is right for you? It depends on your needs and budget. The best golf rangefinders can cost hundreds, making them an expensive investment if you only pick up your clubs a couple of times a year. Before making a purchase, consider how much use you will get out of it, as well as which operating style you prefer, and proceed from there. London is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself whatever you choose.