Best Bistros in London

Best Bistros in LondonLondon is home to a good number of restaurants, which you can readily frequent for the excellent meals and ambience, but everything comes with a high price tag. However, sometimes a high priced restaurant may not serve up good quality fare and you will be left with a bad experience. Fine dining experience just like everything else that is good needs some hard work. You need to search for the right ones. A perfect bistro is a place where you get a reasonable priced but good quality meal, which you enjoy, in comfort with friends and savour the ambience. We have done most of the hard work for you here by choosing the best bistros in London.

Before we continue on to the list, did you know that dining out as an art was first invented by the French? They still dominate in destination dining. A top quality bistro is where you see free flow of conversation, which is possibly due to the wine and the comfort food that is hearty and unpretentious.

Further still the most gratifying and lasting impression of a bistro is its décor and Gallic ambience.  Some of the bistros serve the best fish recipes. By the way, fishing is an undeniably good pastime when you want to spend some quiet time surrounded by nature. Having a good fishing kayak, check out this site, also heightens the experience. You will find the best bistros not only in the heart of London but also in other parts too. The distance you travel will be well worth it always.

Le Pot Lyonnais

This is located on Queenstown Road in Battersea and is a popular continental bistro with the homely ambience that most tourists favour. Food is delicious and rates are equally good. The menu is homely and genuine with a sophisticated touch. You are sure to enjoy this place and its feel. The menu special includes steak and chips, which are available from Monday to Thursday.

Galvin Bistrot de Luxe

Situated on Baker Street in London, this bistro stuns you into lingering for hours on end. The fish recipes here are quite good. While eating fish in a restaurant is certainly a great experience, even more satisfying is grilling your catch out in the open, when you go out on a fishing trip. With an efficient kayak like those at Kayakouch, it is possible to enjoy the surrounding scenery and have great time fishing, which is a popular tourist activity, done in and around London.

Bistro Aix

Located at Crouch End in London, this bistro strikes the right balance in providing a welcoming and unobtrusive atmosphere.  The chef here believes in the food speaking for itself without having to embellish it on the plate or for that matter in the kitchen. The menu is extensive and staffs are efficient and discrete.

Chez Manny

This is also in Battersea on Battersea High Street. The menu including foie gras, baked Camembert and other delicious fare provides a sumptuous fare to guests. The prices are fair and the atmosphere is friendly.

Bar du Marche

Situated in Berwick Street in London this is an unpretentious but welcoming bistro that is frequented by locals and tourists alike. The fresh, flavour filled and authentic French cuisine is the main draw here.