Exploring night-time London

London is a kind of city that dazzles all 24 hours in a day. The fun continues even after the sun sets. With Christmas round the bend and everyone looking forward to the holidays with earnest, here are some seasonal things that are best done during night in London.

Watch a West End Show

London is a popular theatre district globally where you can have your fill of shows and still feel up to more of the experience. If you have the West End in your itinerary then you should certainly plan a theatre trip. You can get discounted tickets easily online and choose from the impressive selection of shows, which are available throughout the year especially during the holidays.

Hampstead Observatory

This observatory has the highest altitude in the entire central London region and hence is the right place to view London skyline both during the day and at night. If you are looking for a real exciting night view, visit the Scientific Society here.

The telescopes are open to public use from 8pm to 10 pm on Saturdays and Fridays during winter and autumn. This will surely match your star gazing fantasies and more. When you travel at night be sure to use powerful lighting such as those at http://ledlightsplanet.com/for better visibility, so you can avoid many hassles associated with the glare of the oncoming vehicles.

Walking tour

While it is all right to travel by bus or car, a walking tour gives you the best experience of night-time London. The night walking tours are more fun as you can enjoy the sights and lights of London at night clearly. The Jack the Ripper walking tour gives guest an opportunity to explore the dark and eerie alleyways of Victorian era that displays the London that was during the period of Jack the Ripper.

London Tower

The Ceremony of the Keys is an age-old tradition that is an awesome, unique and not to be missed at any cost London experience. This free event includes the securing and locking of the tower with secret passwords, military music, beefeaters, and the large ring with keys. You would need tickets to enjoy this London tradition.

Houses of Parliament

The House of Commons or Houses of Parliament allows visitors to enter inside and watch the parliamentary debates from the public gallery. While this is an unusual night-time attraction, it nevertheless is an engrossing one, if you are interested on seeing how the government works. The houses work until even 11 at night, so if you have some time to while away or are on a budget check to see if a session is on and visit the place.

Big Ben

This is undoubtedly the most popular clock worldwide and with its location on the banks of River Thames, it is the ideal spot to visit while in London. While it is spectacular during daytime, the clock sports a festive look at night. The face is lit up gloriously, and with the golden trim shining bright in moonlight, you can get the best London experience ever. Make sure you plan your night visit, so you can view the clock when it strikes at midnight.