Karaoke fun in London

Karaoke fun in London

Karoake has undergone a great many changes in recent years. Whether you want to put your rap voice to test or sing along with the crowd or just scream your lungs out, there is an event here, which is just right for you. Find out the ideal place to chill out and have fun, while visiting London. From karaoke bars that are fully dedicated, to private rooms styled on Japanese model and off beat pubs, you can find many places here to suit your taste.

All Star Lanes

Bites, Booze and Bowling blend in this famous Brick Lane region. You have two separate karaoke booths that can accommodate 7 to 14 singers at a time.

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

This place with basement bowling facility situated below a Bloomsbury hotel has four karaoke rooms, all private, added recently. With a top quality karaoke machine, you can have a great time not only in these exclusive karaoke bars, but also at events arranged in your home. The place has a diner that seats around 80 people and the bowling is also newly upgraded. You can find private bowling suite, live music, virtual cricket net and ping pong tables.

Bunga Bunga

This place has a restaurant and kitsch bar. Situated in Battersea, this place is dedicated to Silvio Berlusconi, the disgraced PM from Italy. The place hosts karaoke sesh in its main space and starts daily at 10 pm on Wednesdays. The place also allows you to book private karaoke events if you are planning the event for a large group.

Karaoke Box

This karaoke place situated in Farringdon is a quite plush place with 15 rooms to pick from. The rooms can have four to nearly 25 people. The place also has a big VIP room that accommodates about 14 people. The touch screens, wireless mics and beautiful grand piano are key attractions here. With nice karaoke machines such as in this website, you can have a splendid time at any singalong and impress those gathered with your skills.

Karaoke Box Mayfair

This place has seven rooms, which are open for hire. Lady Gaga Padded Cell and Gold Room, an Elvis inspired one, are the main attractions here. The place accommodates four to 12 people. You can find karaoke systems of Japanese, English and Arabic types. These offer cocktail bar service too. The prices vary on the duration of the sessions. Kids are allowed until 6 pm. However, you need to book in advance.

Lucky Voice Soho

This is for those who are too shy to make it onstage and love crooning all the same. You are provided with nine pods that let groups of four to up to 12 people belt out their favourite tunes without any embarrassment. The food is quite basic here with nibbles and pizza. But the drinks are just the opposite. You get extravagant drinks to choose from and enjoy. The drinks also let you shed your inhibitions. The place has over a million songs from which it is easy to pick one that you like.