Keeping safe and healthy this Christmas and New Year

Keeping safe and healthy this Christmas and New YearIt’s that time of the year again. It remains one of the most exciting and busiest periods for us. There’s lots of work for us to do to match the many specials that London restaurants and bistros will be putting up on their boards to lure the extra number of visitors and tourists through their doors. By now, you know that London remains one of the world’s top tourist hotspots, and because most people switch off their monitors, put down their pens or down their tools at this time of the year, London gets busier by the day.

Prepare yourself well for everything

It’s likely to stay that way until well into the New Year. Most British holiday-makers only go back to work later in the first month of the New Year anyway. If you are visiting London in the next few days or weeks, we’d like to invite you to take a few minutes going through our previous posts on our favorite sights and top restaurants that we’ve recommended for you. For now, we’d like to reflect for a few moments and also ask you to take better care of yourself this holiday and to play it safe as well.

Keeping yourself safe these holidays would normally require a bit of practice on your part. For instance, self-defense class attendees may already be tussling across their mats with dummies found at , preparing for all eventualities. While security has understandably been beefed up for this Christmas, you never know who or what is lurking around the corner late at night on London’s busy streets.

Limit yourself this season

Chances are slim that you will be mugged. But it’s best to be prepared than sorry. More importantly, in light of the recent terrorist attacks in California and Paris, France, as a visitor and tourist, it is your responsibility to be extra careful, particularly if you are travelling with family or a loved one. Folks, it’s that serious. Ask any Londoner around town and they will quickly tell you that they haven’t forgotten the gruesome attacks on their own city some years back.

To finish off, let’s turn our backs on these unpleasant matters and focus on getting ready for the festivities ahead. True to form, and in spite of many warnings to the contrary, most folks tend to get carried away a bit and overindulge themselves at this time of the year. Around the dinner table on Christmas Day, extra helpings of beef and turkey are the order of the day. And when Big Ben marks the New Year at midnight, corks are popped and more than the legal limit of the good bubbly or ales are consumed.

Your tummy will feel quite jolly next year

All of this is understandable. Before we say good bye, we’d like to recommend that you change course and break with tradition for once. Visit one of the many health-oriented and organic-centered restaurants in and around London this time around. Believe us, your tummy will be feeling quite jolly next year.