Our Recommended Top 10 Restaurants To Visit In London

London is a large and exciting city, home to nearly nine million people and swelled by tourist numbers throughout the year. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of great places for them to dine, thanks to a wealth of brilliant restaurants, diners, and bistros. In fact, with so many restaurants to choose from, selecting the perfect place to eat can seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry, just take a look at the Bistro K list of the top 10 restaurants to visit in London, there’s something to suit every budget:

  • 10 Flat Iron

Flat Iron is a restaurant that’s small but beautifully formed. Hidden away on Beak Street it’s perfectly located next to London attractions such as the London Palladium and the bright lights of the West End. This restaurant does one thing and one thing only: steak. It also does them better than any other restaurant in the city, and serves them with incredibly tasty fries. The steaks, made from Flat Iron cattle, are served on a wooden board with a mini cleaver instead of a steak knife. Pre-booking isn’t allowed, and it’s incredibly popular but you can leave a number and they’ll text you when your table is ready.


  • 9 Baltic

There’s a wonderful Eastern European influence in London today, and there’s no better place to experience it than at Baltic, near Waterloo Station. They’ve quickly built up a fantastic reputation for two things: Polish cuisine and vodka. It’s an excellent combination, and a fun place to have a group dining experience. The menus are meat heavy, so it’s not ideal if you’re a vegetarian, but there are plentiful helpings of delicious sauerkraut to add zing to the pickled herring and black sausage.


  • 8 Bistro Union

Clapham is one of the trendiest areas of London, home to creatives of every description. With Bistro Union, however, they have a fantastic restaurant that is themed around English cuisine. You’ll find those London classics fish pie and toad on the hole on the menu, but they’re unlike any others that you’ll have tasted before. The level of refinement has to be seen to be believed, and the food looks as good as it tastes, which is certainly saying something.


  • 7 Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Television’s favourite chef has a number of establishments in London, and we had to include at least one of them – after all, nobody wants to get chef Ramsay angry. In all seriousness, this restaurant in Chelsea has to feature in anyone’s top ten list. The food is sublime, as its well deserved three Michelin stars show. It’s not inexpensive, but if you want an ultimate treat for a special night out this is a great place to go.


  • 6 The Green Pea

If you want the authentic East End dining experience then you can’t go wrong with The Green Pea, near the Greenwich Maritime Museum. It looks very unassuming from the outside, but in London you should never judge a book by its cover. This bistro specializes in that most traditional of London’s cuisine, pie and mash. It’s always busy, favoured by locals as well as sight seers, but is a must see for pie lovers, and there are always lots of flavours to choose from.


  • 5 Bel Canto

This really is a restaurant with a difference. Imagine a restaurant where you not only get fine Italian, French, and English food, you also get an aria thrown in for free as well. You don’t have to imagine any longer, because Bel Canto has turned that dream into a reality. All of their waiters are classically trained opera singers, and they burst into song at strategic points during the service. It’s as much fun as it sounds, and you’ll never have had a dining experience like it before. The food’s great as well, and you’ll find them in between Paddington Station and Hyde Park.


  • 4 Viet Baguette

If you’ve never eaten Vietnamese food before, then head south of the river to Woolwich and treat yourself to an evening at Viet Baguette. The philosophy is based around serving simple food that’s packed full of flavour. Noodles feature prominently of course, but they absorb exciting flavours from their authentic Vietnamese broth. Ask for Bi Cuon, they’re caramel pork spring rolls, for a taste sensation you won’t forget in a hurry.


  • 3 The Ritz

Putting on The Ritz in Piccadilly has always been a byword for style, so it’s an experience not to be missed when in London. Even better than an evening meal is the famous Ritz afternoon tea. You’ll have a selection of teas, exquisitely made cakes, classic finger sandwiches such as cucumber and smoked salmon, and of course freshly made scones with strawberry jam. Smart clothing is a must, but that’s all part of the fun as well.


  • 2 La Gavroche

Another restaurant at the top end of the price bracket, but this two Michelin starred restaurant is a legend of the London food scene. Michel Roux Jr. is at the helm, and he creates the perfect fusion of classical French fare with modern English tastes. Seasonal vegetables are always at the centre of their menus, and their desserts are the best you’ll find in the capital.


  • 1 The Clink

Eating at The Clink is certainly an arresting experience. The Clink itself was a legendary prison on the South Bank, but this restaurant is situated near Brixton Prison. All of the food here is cooked by ex-offenders, and the waiters are also people serving time in the gaol. Don’t let that put you off, as the quality of food served is exceptional. It’s a dining experience like no other, the meals are uniformly wonderful, and you’ll be doing your bit to help the rehabilitation of offenders. It’s very popular, so book early.


Whether you want to mix with high society at The Ritz or La Gavroche, or with prisoners at The Clink there’s always a fantastic new dining experience waiting to be enjoyed in London. Bistro K love to help you find the best places to eat across the city, so you really can’t go wrong with any restaurant on our top ten list.