Places Where You Can Enjoy a BBQ Party in London?

grilled-meats-565225_1920Whether you are searching for a place to relax and stay away from your hectic life or a perfect place to hang out with your friends or family, you won’t run out of options. London has lots of open spaces waiting to be explored. And what better way to enjoy these open spaces than with barbecue!

Here are some parks where you can bring your barbecue grill:

Highbury Fields

On hot evenings, you’d probably find the tree-lined Highbury fields teeming with people; but it’s also an equally great place to enjoy during the day. For this park, you have to bring barbecues that are lifted off the ground to avoid burning the grass and one that uses a kettle-style barbecue to lessen the smoke problem. Learn more about different types of barbecue grills and smokers – try this site. There’s also a nearby pub in case your barbecue party continues till dusk.

London Fields

Who wouldn’t love this park? The neatly cut grass and the towering trees that offer much-needed shade make this open space a place to see. When taking your barbecue, make sure you are within the designated BBQ zone. Also, only metal stands for disposable barbecues are allowed and no barbecues after 9 in the evening. For safety purposes, no sports are allowed within barbecue.

Beddington Park

Quite far from the city, but if you are close by, this park has barbecue areas. The BBQ zone is close to the loos, café and children’s play area so you can conveniently get there if you want to. You can borrow barbecue stands and there are a lot of trees that offer shade for park visitors.

Caledonian Park

If you want solitude (probably an alone time with barbecue), the Caledonian Park offers a secluded area where you can sizzle your favorite BBQ recipe. This expansive, 18-acre park also covers woodland areas, a trail perfect for walking, and a community garden. This open space can be found at the Market Road.

Gillespie Park

Gillespie Park is relatively small but is packed with beauty of nature. It has meadow grasses, woodland and ponds. The park also comes with wildlife. Once you’re done feasting on sumptuous barbecue recipes, you can shed off the excess calories by heading a little away and venturing into the nature reserves. There’s a lot to explore and enjoy in this wonderful park.

There are still many other parks where you can host a BBQ party for your friends and family such as the Lincoln’s Inn Fields and the Burgess Park.

So what are you waiting for? Garb your favorite food and drinks. Take your barbecue and head out to any of these parks that allow barbecuing. If you don’t own a barbecue grill yet, Smokey House BBQ is a site you should visit. The site has some nice reviews about different grills and smokers.

Oh, please don’t forget: Not all parks allow barbecue, make sure to check with the park administrators before you bring your BBQ. We don’t want to spoil your sunny day!