Redefining Fresh in Produce

Have you ever noticed how markets, grocers and stores always claim the foods they are selling are fresh? It seems to be one of those things people call buzz words – words that flip a switch or turn a crank in the mind of the person who reads or hears them. But how much of the food you buy in a month is really fresh? Besides that, how much fresher might it be if you were to grow some of your own? Lots of cooks like to keep a little herb garden in a kitchen window for fresh flavors as needed, but taking things a step further and growing your own produce can make a big difference.

For some people, this is unfortunately not a practical option. Either they don’t have the free land to work with for planting such fruits and vegetables, or they just haven’t got the knowledge and experience with growing food to expect a decent crop. On the other side of things, both of these issues are relatively easy to defeat and should in no way hinder a person from growing their own food. A lack of experience can be beaten with some research, knowledgeable reviews and the use of things like fertilizers and growing guides to get improved yields.

As for the space to grow things, many people have this without even realizing it. If you don’t have a flat patch of land to work with, then what’s stopping you from growing the same foods using containers? Buckets, basins and bowls can be filled with dirt, punctured on the bottom to let out excess water, and used to grow just about anything in a pinch. Only foods which take up a lot of room will take issue with this, so potatoes and cabbage are probably out of the question, just to name a couple. With containers, you can even bring your garden inside and give it an extra boost with lights from Plantazoid.

Honestly, what could be fresher than tomato sauce made with tomatoes you just plucked from the vine an hour ago? Or peppers picked from a bush or vine just as recently? It’s amazing what people will label and sell as fresh, but what’s more amazing is how many people will buy those same things, knowing fully they couldn’t possibly be fresh after shipping hundreds or even thousands of miles to get to the store where they’re being sold. You can learn more here about the tools which can help you to grow more food faster, or grow better food over the same amount of time as it would normally take.

With all the toxic chemicals that go into preserving foods, the plastics which go into lining the insides of tin and steel cans and the artificial colors and flavors which find their way into even foods like farm-raised fish, it’s up to all of us to be more careful about the things we eat if we want to continue eating good quality, healthy food. Growing your own produce is an excellent start.