Top Bars in London

There are many great tourist attractions in London. The tourist attractions that we are talking about here are the glamorous and classy evening dinner spots in London, such as restaurants, bistros, and diners. There are a selection of high quality restaurants, bistros, and diners in London. Here are some of our favourite choices.

  • Flat iron

The Flat Iron is on Beak Street, near London. The Flat Iron is a chic and somewhat rustic restaurant. In some ways, it looks and feels more like a countryside restaurant, rather than a restaurant in the heart of a city. The main theme of the Flat Iron restaurant is a meaty grill theme. So, if you are vegetarian, it is perhaps not the best place for you. But, if you are looking for something different and memorable, something that will make your stay in London both interesting and delicious, it is the perfect place for you.

  • The Baltic

The Baltic bistro lives up to its name – it is an Eastern European themed bistro. The Baltic is more modern than the Flat Iron. It has one of those chic LED light bars like those at on the walls which makes the interior look spacious and bright.

The Baltic is in the heart of the city of London, just near Waterloo Station. Again, this place is also not best suited for vegetarians. However, if you love Eastern European food, then this is the perfect fit for you. It serves up a diverse array of food, which includes black sausage, fish and chips, and a Polish dish called Sauerkkraut. This place is great if you are looking for something different, modern, and hip.

  • The Diner

This American style diner serves up some of the most delicious burgers and shakes you can imagine. Couple that with some yummy chips and you’re good to go! While in the neighbourhood, you could also drop in for one of their famous breakfasts which are served all day long. The charming atmosphere will lure you in, and the amazing food will make sure you keep on coming back!


The menu at the popular Roadhouse is made up of mostly meat – sirloin steaks, chicken breasts, etc. The deluxe challenge meal that you have to try is made up of 2 steaks of 8 oz each, 2 double chicken breasts, bacon, onions, cheese and mushrooms. But wait, you also get some delicious fries with that, along with some onion rings. Oh, and a salad!

Other than being a nice place to grab a bite, the Roadhouse is also great for a night out. It has a nice bar which serves cocktails until late in the night. Watch as the bartenders throw and catch bottles and glasses and entertain you throughout the night. Come in the evening for a nice dinner, and stay for drinks and partying until late in the night, hopping just a few feet away to get a bite to eat if you start feeling peckish.